2016 IM Summer Camp Notes

Launch Coming JULY 19th @ 10AM EST!
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ABOUT 2016 IM Summer Camp Notes

My team and I will be traveling to the IM Summer Camp Event in Canada and taking notes over every session.

The first part will be 2 days conference where each speakers will share valuable insights about the internet marketing and ecommerce. Speakers include ecom experts Don Wilson and Ezra Firestone.

The second part hosted by James Brown from the Netpreneur Summit will be a workshop where selected speakers will unveil some strategies and blueprints that you'll be able to apply.

buyers of the notes will also get to attend an exclusive Q&A call (non pitch). Once the notes are finished, they will be released on July 26th.

Here are a couple of highlights from our last notes launch:

5 different affiliates had 16%+ conversions and $6+ EPCS
4 different affiliates had over 50+ sales
Our initial launch saw a 27% conversion rate and ended up at 11% and a $3.06 EPC by the end of launch regardless of the traffic source. 

Our event notes are well-known and respected products with a history of quality that your customers are going to love.


Key To Success

Last years launch was great and this year we’ve expanded the funnel to include an immediate upsell that gives you monthly recurring commissions from us.

Proven Results

27% conversion rate and ended up at 11% and a $3.06 EPC by the end of launch regardless of the traffic source.

Great Income Opportunity

The Notes: $27-37 @ 100% commission


Tim Castleman

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